This is an app that I am currently working on, through my Google UX certificate course. I was given a prompt from Sharpen: "art history app for a museum in London." 

So I began with UX research with participants from Facebook, giving them $5 Starbucks gift cards as incentives (too bad I had to use this route instead of face-to-face coffee dates during Covid! but it also works well for qualitative research) And I created the typical persona, user story, user journey mapping, ideating solutions, wire framing, more research, prototyping, and more.


The research was extremely valuable in providing me insights into what is generally difficult for a user regarding traveling to a favorite art museum, be it their local museum or one in London. I found general themes through the synthesis of the information and compiled it to represent "Diane."After working through the design process and producing a lo-fi prototype, I tested the app with 5 users and received important feedback about various functions and also hiccups in the user flow that needed iterating. 

Stay tuned, the case study will be posted soon ~