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Roar Cycles Website

I conducted research on the user persona of Jake, who is unique and doesn't want his bike to match everyone else's. Some important things about this brand was showcasing not only the models of the bikes, but a social media stream. 

roar bikes_mockup_1.png

My goal for this project was to deliver hifi home page and product pages in the 180 minutes requested by Daniel Scott. I managed to do it in time, while documenting, creating mood boards, color scheme, wire framing, and hifi mockup and user testing which proved to be valuable in changing some of the UI to streamline how the user experienced moving from home page through the micro-animations to product page and back. 

Brief - Roar Bikes.jpg
Persona - Roar Bikes.jpg

I conducted a competitive audit report on the 3 main competitors I was asked to research;, and After synthesizing the competitive data, I created a UI design system that would be appealing for the user, Jake. 

Roar bikes_lofi_v1.png

Usability testing was done by a facebook group within BYOL community, with excellent feedback and results. I also conducted a moderated test with a family member. I was able to iterate upon the data and produce a better end product. 

In a real world, more testing and iteration would take place, however it was important to gain understanding about the handoff process to would-be developers and I exported the "final" assets in files. 

roar bikes_hifi_v2.png
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