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Maynooth Furniture 

Website & App


I greatly enjoyed one of my class projects from Instructor Daniel Scott in his course User Experience Design Essentials. Our fictional persona Katherine needed a great website to help her remodel her beautiful home in Ireland. I was able to do a competitive analysis on and and synthesize the results to build a beautiful product that would easily meet the user's needs. Based on the research, allowances were made for changes to logo design, which reflected in an updated branding to reflect more neutral tones made popular in 2019 when this was created.  

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Persona - Maynooth Furniture.jpg

Major deliverables for this project were wireframes, high-fi prototype, and user testing. This project included a website and app for iPhone 8. Since growing as a designer from this time, I would definitely do some things differently, such as some interactions would need to be updated to match current design trends. Also, a lot of time was consumed in going back and fixing framework, but this is because it was my first design project and therefore the slowest. I have gotten more familiar with the design process and would be able to make this product more quickly and easily now. 

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