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The screens on top row are designed for Instacart, the row below are screens I have redesigned for a smoother user experience. 

The frames show how a shopper for Instacart would sign up and choose what kind of role they want for the company. 

Firstly, the design specs are balanced, so that does not negatively affect the user experience. The focus will be more on visual hierarchy, and some re-wording. For example, the word "signup" is ambiguous so "shop and get paid" is more specific and helps the user know they are in the correct spot on the app if they want to be a shopper. The user signs up with a more clearly-defined form, and creates an account. 

The first example is a bit too detailed for the user and the pain point would be an overabundance of information. In my redesign, it is clear that there are two roles for the user; either a Shop & Deliver role, or a Shop only role (a short description under "Choose role" makes these selections even more clear). The user may select which role they like and see an overview of which role is more appealing, and the use of the toggle buttons make this easy to use. If they want to know further details, they may click on "Learn more". This keeps the page cleaner and creates a good balance of negative space, and not showing too much information in one place. For some users, if there is a lot to scroll through, they may more quickly give up and decide the process is overwhelming and may not ever sign up! By keeping this process easy to understand and in bite-size "chunks" of information, they will be able to read quickly, choose quickly, and therefore sign up more quickly. 

The UI is identical at the top of the redesigned screens, and this helps a user scan the pages even more quickly with the consistency. The consistency helps guarantee the F-shape rule will create a quick and simple eye scan. The screens on top row seem confusing, and "full-service shopper" is not differentiated enough from "in-store shopper". By changing the wording to "Shop & Deliver" and "Shop only," the user is able to easily understand that this role is full-service vs in-store only. 

By clicking the "JOIN NOW" at the bottom of the screen, the user understands they have chosen their role and submitted their choice in hopes to complete their application. This page would probably flow to a confirmation page, however Instacart shows a "Join the waitlist" button which indicates there must be an approval time and/or a waiting time if many shoppers are trying to join. So if this is the case, the confirmation page can display this information and feedback to the user, (perhaps with some encouraging and friendly wording to keep the user engaged with Instacart and waiting for their approved role with the company). 

I found it odd there was a logout button at the top of the role pages for Instacart, so I removed those (assuming a user would just logout of the app by swiping up to quit they wanted to logout, it doesn't make sense to logout of an incomplete account signup.)  A back button was needed however, in case the user decided they wanted to change their decision for which role they chose.

By streamlining the signup process and choosing succinct clear language, with only vital information being displayed and details presented as an option, these improved screens guarantee a pleasant user experience and successful win for Instacart. I believe an A/B test would prove a user would definitely prefer the redesign.

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